I’m a parasite immunologist by training, a scientist at heart and endlessly curious about almost everything. I started this blog to catalogue my journey away from the lab bench and into the C-suite (hopefully).  It has evolved over the years and now contains leadership thoughts from a growing leader, information posts on data management and of course, science.  Partly to satiate my curiosity, I’ve started including posts about the science of everyday things.

A very short summary of the road so far is: BS in biotechnology from Rutgers University followed by work in drug discovery then a MS in Public Health Microbiology at George Washington University (GWU).  From there I work for the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative before moving to a fellowship at the CDC.  I went from my fellowship to getting my PhD, again at GWU, with my research done in a parasitology lab at the NIH. I spent a few short months at the FDA after completing my PhD, moved across country to do a fellowship at the Gates Foundation and am now the Director for the Lab Data Management Unit at a statistical and data management center supporting clinical trials.

My goal with this blog is to use my personal experiences (the good and the bad) to help others interested in using their PhD in a slightly different way than the accepted norm, to discuss issues around management of laboratory data in clinical trials and to shine light on all the amazing science happening around us all the time.   I want to use this platform to educate and spur discussion on everything from getting that first job out of grad school to what are the best practices for ensuring quality laboratory data.  Feel free to share, comment, contact me, but always keep it civil.

NOTE: The views expressed here are solely my own.  I do not speak for the Gates Foundation, the CDC, the NIH or any institution or individual other than myself.

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